The Portrait of a  Lady       
Currently reading my first Henry James.


I wish I had the talent Manjit Thapp has to create art that captures complex emotions with such simple yet beautiful illustrations.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

You’ve probably seen this book everywhere but my favorite part is the mention of Harvest Moon. I spent many hours (probably thousands) as a kid playing Harvest Moon on my gameboy.


Some good paragraphs here and there.

Conversations on Love

Conversations on love… and friendship and loss and being alone.

Free Food for Millionaires

Gripping novel with complex characters but Pachinko is better.

One Woman Show

This book is told through museum wall labels which, as an artist, I found interesting and the execution clever.

Our Mutual Friend

Not gonna lie, this was a difficult read but I persevered and found out that Dickens was the genius behind: “Is it better to have had a good thing and lost it, or never have had it?”

I Who Have Never Known Men

I never pick up dystopian stories but I picked up this 1995 novel by French author, Jacqueline Harpman, after reading the introduction by Sophie Mackintosh, I was invested and couldn’t wait to read this book.

Talking at Night

I came across a post stating Love, Rosie + Normal People = Talking at Night. As a teenager, Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahren was a favorite, so this was enough to get me to pick this up.

American Fever

This novel gives words to many of my experiences and thoughts as an international student during freshman year.

Divine Rivals

Tiktok influenced me to read this book. I am only human.

Western Lane

Read it on Osama’s recommendation and it features an evil chachi.

Stay True

I went into this book without knowing what it was about and wasn’t ready for the emotions.

Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger is a story of a portrait artist getting face blindness and the plot had me captivated all throughout 320 pages!

This Time Tomorrow

Didn’t think I’d like a time travel book but this was well done. Based on a father-daughter relationship and questions what we consider a successful life.

Yours Truly

This book made me happy, sad, and laugh out loud which is why it is my favorite of 2023!

The Ballad of Never After

Read all three books of this trilogy this year. The first had a lot of world building, the last was a little disappointing but the middle one was my favorite.

As Long As the Lemon Trees Grow

The plot twist in this book was such that I had a lump in my throat with emotions.

Lessons in Chemistry

I didn’t read this book for the longest time because I didn’t like the US or UK cover, but eventually did pick it up after Osama recommended it. Great book about female struggles and ambitions, and powerful characters and dialogue. Lesson: don’t judge a book by its cover.


Great writing around topics of home and parents.

Girls That Never Die        
Safia Elhillo poetry + Hassan Hajjaj cover = 🔥

This book takes place alongside Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, imagining the belowstairs. I thought it was an interesting take on the lives of the servants as they move about the Bennet family.

They Called Us Exceptional: And Other Lies That Raised Us

A powerful and brave memoir.

Who We Are Now

Story about four friends graduating college, moving into adult life and navigating through their twenties and thirties. Each year is told from one of the character’s pov over fifteen years.

Three Holidays and a Wedding

Do I pick up books because the protagonist has the same name as me? Yes.

This is my third Uzma Jalaluddin book, however this one is co-authored by Marissa Stapley. Both authors bring their unique perspective on female friendship in the alternating chapters for the two protagonists.

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